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Have you been wondering what all that noise is up stairs in your attic? Your to scared to walk up the windy staircase into the room that no one ventures into. All the cobwebs that dangle across the door put you off turning that dusty door handle. What lurks behind that door and peeks out that lonely window at night is only a friendly ghost! But if you are undecided you can still see whats in the attic right here!

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The Ghost Attic is the room for your paranormal and creepy fix . We have a selection of Real Ghost Photos, also profiles on Haunted Places in America, United Kingdom and New Zealand with links if you want accommodation. If you’re into Paranormal Podcasts we have a selection that specialise in the paranormal and ghost stories such as Lex Wahl and Jim Harolds Campfire. Checkout the Secret Room that has on going articles including horror movie reviews, ghost hunting equipment reviews and news on the paranormal. Are you a fan of halloween? Support us and get your costumes from our partnered Halloween Store! Need to purchase something more? Search our Spooky Directory for businesses related to everything paranormal.

“I am very passionate about the paranormal and spooky ghosty stuff and have been since a young kid. The purpose of creating The Ghost Attic is to offer mind-like people a room full of useful information and products related to the paranormal.” – David Whiting