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Paranormal Investigators Found on YouTube

If you’re reading this article, surely you’ve heard of the popular paranormal TV shows such as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures and the more recent Ghost Nation. Multi-million-dollar TV production companies such as the Travel Channel produce these shows on a high budget due to the intense desire for paranormal content by the public. These examples are some of the original shows found within the industry, and they contain some of the most experienced investigators.

With nearly 46% of people in America alone saying they believe in ghosts, the demand for paranormal entertainment, whether it is presented as fiction, nonfiction, or somewhere in between, is quite high. This has led to a spike in not only professional content, but content by amateur ghost hunters looking to produce a higher level of ghost-centric content, with it possibly approaching professional levels.

I mean, what’s the chance of getting your own ghost hunting show on the Travel Channel?

Unfortunately, the chance is not great. That’s why YouTube is a great platform to pursue your ghost hunting filming career. Like in other fields and subcultures, YouTube is ideally suited to spread the word of your interests, reach your audience, cultivate a following, interact with likeminded people, and more. Plus, since the platform is open to anyone, all you need to get started is an internet connection; a video camera, camara phone, or webcam; and a lot of passion for the paranormal.

I’m fairly active on YouTube and that’s how I discovered these great paranormal teams listed below. I wanted to present these so that readers of The Ghost Attic could be aware of some of the great groups out there who are producing interesting and thought-provoking paranormal content. So, let’s take a look at some up-and-coming investigators in the industry!

strange town youtube ghost hunters

Strange Town

Strange Town is a YouTube ghost hunters’ channel that features two paranormal investigators who are based out of Austin, Texas. The boys examine some creepy historical locations, with some that I bet you haven’t heard of! For a two-man team, the production is exceptionally well done, and you’ll notice that Mark and Billy are very passionate about ghost hunting.

Much of their content is focused on the Texas area, so if you are from the American southwest, or if you have a strong interest in the area, these guys are a great resource for learning about some of the hauntings, ghost stories, unusual occurrences, folklore, and more that have happened in the region.

Check out the Strange Town Channel and be sure to support them on Patreon.

buzzfeed unsolved network shane ryan youtube paranormal investigators

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network

BuzzFeed has dedicated a YouTube ghost hunters’ channel geared toward the subjects of the supernatural, mystery and crime. Some funny boys by the names of Ryan and Shane host the supernatural section. These guys are the “Ghost Hunters,” with one being a believer, one being a skeptic. You will get some laughs along the way, but at the same time “BuzzFeed Supernatural” has its serious moments.

Some highly entertaining videos they have produced include looks at:

  • Horrors of Villisca Ax Murder House
  • Subterranean Terrors Of The London Tombs
  • Haunted Shadows Of The St. Augustine Lighthouse
  • The Harrowing Hunt For Bigfoot
  • Return To The Horrifying Winchester Mansion
  • Haunted Town Of Tombstone
  • Horrifying Sorrel-Weed Haunted Mansion
  • Haunted Halls Of Waverly Hills Hospital
  • The Ghost Town At Vulture Mine

Of course, these are just a small sampling of the videos found on the channel, as BuzzFeed has been constantly adding videos for numerous years.

Check out the BuzzFeed Unsolved Network Channel to see all this great content.

the haunted side youtube paranormal investigators

The Haunted Side

The Haunted Side is another YouTube ghost hunters’ channel that features a professional production and approach regarding content about hunting the supernatural. Patrick McQueary, the founder, with his investigator partner Jason Spencer, explores some popular locations such as the Silver Queen Hotel and the Winchester Mystery House, with there not being enough caution tape in the world to help you navigate the latter.

One great aspect about this channel is that they are incredibly prolific, providing numerous updates throughout each month, giving users a lot of bang for their buck. At the time of writing this, the team is on Season 9, so get over to their channel and start watching. There’s plenty of ghost hunting content to get through!

Check out The Haunted Side Channel and be sure to support them on Patreon.

the paranormal files youtube ghost hunters

The Paranormal Files

The Paranormal Files channel has collected quite a following on YouTube, and that’s in no small part because of the quality content they produce. The team specializes in exploring all things paranormal, which includes supernatural occurrences, religious views, cryptids, and extraterrestrials. Colin Browen and Payton McWhorter approach the paranormal in an extreme and entertaining way that really makes for an engaging watch.

One aspect of note about these guys, though, is that they aren’t strictly paranormal investigators, and their channel does offer other videos such as scary stories, interviews, and live webcasts.

Check out The Paranormal Files and be sure to support them on Patreon.

amys crypt youtube ghost hunters

Amy’s Crypt

This YouTube ghost hunters’ channel is led by a husband-and-wife team based out of Australia. Another example of a channel that gets frequent and quality updates, Amy’s Crypt takes viewers on excursions that include everything from haunted ships to prisons with regular ghost sightings to homes that have experienced disaster.

For this channel, I particularly love the hosts’ passion for the paranormal, so it’s certainly one I would recommend to any certified paranormal fanatics out there.

Check out Amy’s Crypt for some excellent content.

ghost club paranormal youtube ghost hunters

Ghost Club Paranormal

Another YouTube ghost hunters’ channel I’m fond of is Ghost Club Paranormal, run by some folks who provide a wealth of uploads with solid production value.

Some of their videos of note include a visit to a satanic cult house, a shadow person being captured on camera, haunted hotel and haunted house investigations, and much more. Don’t sleep on this one because they have some great content.

Check out Ghost Club Paranormal and be sure to give them a follow!

haunted truth youtube paranormal investigators

Haunted Truth

Our last YouTube ghost hunters’ channel is run by paranormal investigators who are also self-proclaimed horror fanatics. They’re additionally quite prolific and have released content on haunted location investigations, horror film reviews, unboxing videos for horror collectables, analyses of various paranormal occurrences and claims, and plenty more.

The movie reviews in particular can be a nice change of pace if you want something related to the paranormal but is a little different and more playful and fun.

Check out Haunted Truth and be sure to give them a follow!

One Step Beyond

Since YouTube is a virtually endless video platform, you can imagine that these are only some of the up-and-coming ghost hunters you’ll be able to find. With a little digging, you’re sure to discover a lot of other great channels led by people dedicated to the supernatural and exploring its mysteries.

Do you know of any other popular investigators on YouTube? Please tell us in the comments below and we can add more paranormal teams to our list! Thanks for reading and please share. We’d love to get the word out about these great channels and investigators!

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  • CourtneyMroch

    This is another great list! You’re so good at them!

  • David Whiting - The Ghost Attic

    Thank you Courtney!!!

  • mark

    Hi we are a small non profit paranormal team that goto locations to check out if they are haunted or not. I came across your blogs when searching google and noticed you also have an interest in this. We were wondering if you could possibly make a blog about a video or our page, the fan fav is the poltergeist episode. It would be nice to hear your thoughts. If you do not wish to take time to review and blog then just a watch from yourself and gen thoughts would be cool.

    haunted the truth

    • The Ghost Attic

      Just to let you guys know we’ve added you to the list! Please share our article with friends!

  • Patrick

    Thank you so much for the feature! Couple things, my name is actually Patrick McQueary haha and Sean left the show and was replaced with Jason after Season 1 and we’re currently on Season 9 of content on YouTube! 🙂

    • The Ghost Attic

      Hey Patrick! This section was written a while back so a little outdated! Don’t know how I got the name wrong. Doh! Anyway all fixed up now. Love all your content and passion with the paranormal. If you’re keen for an interview at some point holla!

  • Don and Laynee

    Please check out spectrewaves on you tube. Over 7 years of investigating some of the most haunted non mainstream locations in the US. We only post captured evidence that we cannot debunk.

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