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Have you ever wanted to stay at a haunted hotel, inn or BnB on before?

Well now you can and we have helped by finding haunted accommodation in America on Have a haunted weekend away and stay in a haunted location overnight. Why not? You might not be the only ones in the room. We dare you!

haunted accommodation andrew jackson hotel new orleans

The Andrew Jackson Hotel – New Orleans, Louisiana

This historic hotel was originally a boarding school and is said to be haunted by five boys who perished in a fire in 1778. Visitors have said that they hear them playing around the courtyard and also have been seen looking at the TV’s in some of the rooms. Bloody creepy! Other guests have witnessed the apparition that fits the description of General Andrew Jackson himself. This is just some of the evidence witnesses have experienced.

Go there and check it out yourself. You will probably have a story of your own soon. Make sure you take some ghost hunting equipment if you have some.

Battery Carriage House Inn – Charleston, South Carolina

The Battery Carriage House Inn dates back to the 1800’s and over the years has picked up its fair share of paranormal stories. In Room 8, a guest has seen a “Gray Mass” forming close to the doorway and the end of the bed. This room is also known as The Headless Torso Room. Another room that has been said to hold paranormal presence is Room 10. There is a “Gentleman Ghost” that has apparently laid next to a guest in bed and also people have said they feel observed when in the room.

The antique styled inn also provides a Ghost Adventure Package, where you stay in the most haunted rooms and you’ll also be part of a ghost walking tour. Need ghost hunting equipment? As part of the package you can borrow some, so you can do your own paranormal investigation. On your leave you will also receive a Charleston Souvenir Book and Tote Bag.

Malaga Inn – Mobile, Alabama

This historic inn was originally 2 separate town houses that were wedding gifts for 2 sisters. Now a charming hotel, the Malaga Inn has some ghost stories to tell. A guest reported was awoken late at night with the feeling of someone or something getting into bed with her. Other guests have reported seeing a woman pacing the balcony of Room 107 on several occasions, which sounds like a residual haunting.

If you were passing by this hotel/inn, you would definitely get a feeling of it being haunted. It just has that look about it. Ghost hunting here for a weekend would be quite the buzz and also a great stay among the historic district.

Hotel Vendome – Prescott, Arizona

Hotel Vendome was originally build in 1917 for miners coming to town. If you decide to stay, ask for Room 16. This particular room is said to be haunted by a lady named Abby and her beloved cat. A guest said he witnessed a shadow pass his face late at night as if someone was walking around the room.

You will notice the cupboard has an old dress hanging up. This is Abby’s dress. Very creepy! Make sure you also stock up on cat treats for your stay as people have heard ‘Meows’.

foley inn savannah georgia haunted accommodation

Foley House Inn – Savannah, Georgia

The Foley Inn seems to blend in with its surrounding houses in Savannah’s historic district.  But after taking a few more glimpses, it does look to be the haunted one of the lot. Around 1987, a skeleton was found within the walls when renovation was taking place. This could possibly be the man with a top hat guests see roaming the garden at night.  Other overnight stayers have also reported a rush of air pass them for no reasonable cause.

This inn has a cozy look to it and I would kill to have a weekend away here. Ask the staff about the ‘Haunted Savannah Package’ they offer also.

Thank you for viewing and if you decide to stay at any of these haunted hotels, the links provided above should give you the best price for your stay. We love spooky stuff and hope you do experience some serious paranormal activity at these locations! Any questions please contact us. Come back and visit us in The Ghost Attic soon.

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