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8 Creepy & Creative Retro Designs by Steven Rhodes

Have you seen those retro styled horror themed tees floating around the internet? The ones that look straight from a children’s activity book, but a tad more darker and for adults.

Steven Rhodes is a graphic artist from Brisbane, Australia. In his spare time the talented lad likes to poke around vintage stores and has a fond love for the late afternoons. If this is true, he’s actually the first person I can relate to that has a fascination with dusk.

As a ‘paranormal enthusiast’ I find spooky shit comes hand-in-hand with retro/vintage (there’s a weird combination somehow). So after finding these epic clothing designs by Steven Rhodes I had to make a bigger deal of them.

Below is The Ghost Attics opinion on the BEST Steven Rhode designs. Also links on how to purchase at the end!

8. Pyrokinesis For Beginners

Rubbing sticks together not working? Try this.

pyrokinesis for beginners steven rhodes

7. Mommy Can We Keep Him

Have your kids ever found a pet and pulled a cute face in order to keep them?

mommy can we keep him steven rhodes

6. Don’t Talk To Strangers

It’s always good that kids avoid strangers, but green ones flying in shinny oval objects?

dont talk to strangers steven rhodes

5. Sell Your Sole

Buying roadside lemonade was so 1970’s. What about selling your sole to the devil?

4. Tag You’re It

Can’t really think of anything worse to be running from.

tag youre it steven rhodes

3. My First Ouija Board

Well if you are sick of ‘Guess Who’ and ‘Monopoly’ there are other options.

my first ouija board steven rhodes

2. Who Possessed Johnny

That Johnny! Always keen for some fun. I wonder how this started? (See #1)

who possessed johnny steven rhodes

1. Let’s Summon Demons

AND HERE IS THE WINNER! This would be the most iconic retro design by Steven Rhodes in our opinion. Hopefully more to come from Steven and that dark but creative mind of his.

lets summon demons steven rhodes

Thanks for viewing ‘8 Creepy & Creative Retro Designs by Steven Rhodes’. If you are interested in purchasing these designs on t-shirts, hoodies, phone covers, tote bags and more apparel you can find them on Threadless and Red Bubble.

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