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Popular Reality Paranormal TV Shows 2020

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A List of Reality Paranormal TV Shows up to 2020

Yes it’s mid 2020 already! The time has flown hasn’t it? But that means one thing. It’s been over a year since our last ‘Reality Paranormal TV Show 2019’ post and it’s now time to list the most popular reality paranormal TV shows on the box in 2020.

It surprised me how many more new shows have been produced in this time. Also I was stoked to see how many of my favourites have signed for more seasons!

I guess now let’s see how many of these popular shows you have seen recently. I hope our list can help you get your paranormal fix!

ghost nation season 2 paranormal tv shows 2020

Ghost Nation

How good was Season One! It’s great to see the original boys of ghost hunting back again and dominating the reality paranormal industry on the Travel Channel. For those that didn’t know Ghost Nation got the green light for a 2nd season. Man I was happy to hear that news!

Grant, Steve and Dave have a whole lot of new home locations to investigate this season and at the same time introducing more local paranormal investigators. You may even see some old faces from Ghost Hunters 😉

haunting in the heartland ghost hunters show

Haunting In The Heartland

This is a great new original 2020 show hosted by Steve Shippy. Steve has a lot of experience in filming documentaries in the paranormal industry.

In this show Steve and his team have a great original idea of investigating small town America. We all know how creepy those sleepy little towns are. The main streets lined with abandoned shops and no visible sign of human life definitely adds eeriness to the atmosphere. Well try investigating the homes that sit throughout these US heartlands.

portals to hell paranormal tv show

Portals To Hell

Katrina Weidman from previous shows such as Paranormal Lockdown with Nick Groff and Paranormal State, teams up with Jack Osbourne in this new series.

Portals To Hell brings you the most sinister haunted locations that are suspected of being gateways to the spirit world. Some of these locations are highly active and renowned in the paranormal world.

my paranormal nightmare paranormal television shows 2020

My Paranormal Nightmare

This great new show ‘My Paranormal Nightmare’ hit the Travel Channel this year (2020) and it’s a keeper hopefully. It’s an reenactment style TV show with peoples true stories. The production budget seems decent and each episode contains a few different scenarios.

This show reminds me of ‘Paranormal Witness’ which was in our previous years list. I’ve always loved that show and feel it was the best produced for it’s style. If you were a fan of this now cancelled show, hopefully this new series ‘My Paranormal Nightmare’ will bring old chills back.

destination fear reality ghost hunting show

Destination Fear

Destination Fear started in 2019 and is back for season 2 in 2020 and starting on April 29th.

Dakota Laden, Chelsea Laden, Tanner Wiseman and Alex Schroeder travel across America stopping at creepy destinations to overcome their fears. How cool would that be! I could say this would be a dream job.

paranormal tv show ghost hunters new 2019

Ghost Hunters

The recently formed Ghost Hunters team lead by Grant Wilson is now on their 2nd season. From what I’ve heard in the latest season, the team is investigating very remote locations, which personally I find the more isolate, the creepier. Watch out as I’ve found the paranormal investigation equipment is getting more hi-tech since their earlier days.

Also on the ghostly grapevine I’ve read they capture their “most compelling evidence in over a decade”.

true terror with robert englund tv series

True Terror with Robert Englund

Have you heard of ‘Freddy Krueger’ before? Or maybe ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’? Well the actor who originally played him now has his own paranormal TV series.

Robert looks at Americas history and true encounters that have been documented over the years. In this creepy new show the true terror people face is not just in their nightmares, it’s real.

the dead files paranormal television shows

The Dead Files

The Dead Files starring Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi is still going strong. In fact in 2020 they will be on their 11th season.

For those that haven’t had the chance to watch this paranormal reality TV show should give it a go! The entertaining original concept of combining a physical medium and a NYPD homicide detective to hunt ghosts is the reason it’s still filming to this day.

kindred spirits ghost tv shows

Kindred Spirits

Amy Bruni, Adam Berry, and Chip Coffey are back in 2020 with a whole new season. This will be Season 4 and I’m sure all paranormal enthusiasts are happy!

I find Kindred Spirits an ‘honest’ paranormal show and the same with ‘Ghost Nation’. In the last season the team investigated infamous locations such as ‘Lizzie Borden’s BnB’, ‘The Villisca Axe Murder House’ and sites around Gettysburg. What will they investigate on this new 2020 season?

terror in the woods travel channel

Terror In The Woods

“Terror In The Woods” has great potential with a new approach of highlighting creepy paranormal encounters within the dark side of the woods. People embark on wilderness adventures only to realize they are not alone. Hmmmm fark that! Get me back to my car please.

Airing in 2017 and still going in 2020, this mysterious new show found on the Travel Channel (and other streaming channels online) has been produced in a similar style to “Paranormal Witness”.

With many episodes to watch, “Terror In The Woods” is an unearthly TV series to indulge on those dark stormy nights. Especially if you live in a wood cabin!

I’m not 100% certain but I think this program has an alias named  “These Woods Are Haunted”. Please let me know in the comments if I’m wrong.


You have probably said to yourself, “Im pretty sure all of these ghostly TV shows are on The Travel Channel”. Well you’re all most correct. All but one or two. So if you have access to this channel you’re in luck! I think the Travel Channel should maybe change their name to something more fitting. What do you reckon?

Have you watched anymore great paranormal TV shows?

It would be cool to add more scary reality paranormal shows to this list. So please in the comments below tell us what you’ve seen.

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