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  • Mystic Miscellany Informational Website

    From Abba to Zozo, learn spooky and fascinating terminology in the largest paranormal glossary online. Over 1,000 terms. Come find other cool stuff.

  • Skullraiser Music

    Skullraiser, is a primarily horror based artist who has a really unique approach to his sound and vision. When listening to his music, you almost feel like you’ve been sucked out into an old-school horror flick, with spooky themes and eerie textures. Skullraiser writes music with a very epic, cinematic feel.


  • Magical Djinns Shop

    I am professional White Magic and Black Magic specialized bind Djinns.

    Professional seller items paranormal and METAPHYSICAL since 2006 on Ebay. Rituals,Spells,Love,Powers,Success,Money……….Change your Life!!!! Blessings.

    Magical Djinns

    • Haunt Jaunts Informational Website

      Hi! I’m Courtney Mroch, the creator of Haunt Jaunts. Or, as I like to call myself, its Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism. (And the Captain of the Skeleton Crew.)

    • Haunted San Diego Informational Website

      Haunted San Diego is an informational website about the paranormal.
      Read about true ghost stories, TV, book & movie reviews,
      haunted places in San Diego County and more.

    • Halloween Store Guide Informational Website

      Halloween Store Guide will help you save on this years Halloween. Every year we can give you information on all the top online Halloween costumes websites.

    • Ghost Stop Ghost Hunting Equipment

      GhostStop is the longest running and most highly recommended ghost hunting equipment store focused solely on investigation gear with a manufacturing workshop and storefront.

    • The Anomalist Informational Website

      A daily review of world news on maverick science, unexplained mysteries, unorthodox theories, strange talents, and unexpected discoveries since 1994.

    • Now Spells Informational Website

      Magic Spells for Everyone, Your problem will cure by Now spells magic spell caster, Contact us for magic spells

    New Zealand Directory

    • Midnight Paranormal Hamilton Ghost Hunters

      Midnight paranormal Hamilton is a New Zealand based historical and paranormal research team who endeavours to find a rational explanation for reported Paranormal activity and eliminating logical and rational causes before exploring a paranormal investigation.

      Midnight Paranormal Hamilton

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