Haunted Accommodation Available On Booking.com

Have you ever wanted to stay at a haunted hotel, inn or bed and breakfast before? Well now you can and we have helped by finding haunted accommodation in America on Booking.com. Have a haunted [...]


The Ghost Attic’s ‘50 Most Haunted Places of 2019′

As 2019 is coming to an end, I thought it would be good to cover the most haunted places around the world that personally gave me the creeps. This is judged from research I have made over this [...]


Popular Reality Paranormal TV Shows

From the very beginning of paranormal television to now, there have been some more popular shows than others. It’s now time to check them out! Please see our recommended list of reality [...]


My Favourite Haunted London Pubs

I’ve always been a fan of pubs, especially when I saw photos of the ones in the United Kingdom. There’s just something about them with the old creaky flooring and low-beamed roofs. The cobble [...]


Three Times Bigfoot Chased Humans

Depictions of Bigfoot in pop culture vary greatly: from mindless aggressor to gentle giant. But what are real Bigfoot like in the wild? While many encounters are simple observations or sightings, [...]

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