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RESIDENCE – Waitomo Caves Hotel

Location: School Acces Rd, Waitamo 3977

Small Description: The haunted Waitomo Caves Hotel sits on a hill above caves which is found in Otorohanga, New Zealand. Half of the hotel was completed in 1908 but originally was called “Government Hostel at Waitomo”. The architecture is typically New Zealand Victorian but is based on an Eastern European style mountain chalet. In 1928, the concrete part of the hotel was complete to house the growing number of guests. These days the hotel sits strong and holds a historic look amongst trees that surround a winding path up to the main entrance.

I personally have stayed here and find it very cozy. At night time it can come across somewhat, spooky.

Ghost Story: After being here twice, I still haven’t seen or felt any ghosts. It definitely has the look of a place that would hold some stories though. Here they are.

A popular story told is one of a Maori princess that fell in love with a British soldier. Her spirit is found in the older fort part of the hotel. A man staying in the area claims he felt her presence and immediately felt un well. Later in the night after dinner with other guests he retired to his room where he committed suicide. He is said to walk the corridors as well. Apparently he hung himself, but it is said that in the same room (Room 14) that the bath can be seen with blood dripping down the side. The room across, Room 12, is also said to be visited by the princess and/or the man, as lights swing and guests blankets get ripped off the bed.

A young boy who was the son of a maid some time ago was playing around the kitchen side of the accommodation. This area was known as Cat Alley which holds a cluster of small rooms catered for maids and butlers. As the young boy skipped and played around that area, he accidentally knocked a jug of boiling water over himself. These days children of parents visiting the hotel claim they feel they’re getting picked on by a young boy that they can’t see. This happens in the same location as he use to play, Cat Alley.

2019 Weekend Stay Update: Friday 13th 2019 we came and stayed here again. In fact I write this in one of the rooms in the far art deco section. We went for a little walk last night around the haunted hotel. The night was slightly misty with a light dust of rain. A few lights lit small sections of the exterior. We found an outside door ajar that lead to the basement. We had to pop our heads in. On a table in the dark room sat a bible and a white mask on the floor. Something off a horror movie. Down a few metres lay another door that lead into a small closet. Guess what was sitting inside? Yet another bible was sitting on a table.

In 2018 we found a bible in the old  living headquarters. That area is pretty creepy.

So far our first night is pretty creepy/cool. Tonight we will eat in the restaurant which reminds me of a smaller version of the grand dining room in the movie ‘The Shining’. Most likely will peep around the hallways at night. Quietly like a mouse! Don’t want to upset any of the very few guests staying. It’s always creepier knowing in the winter season you have the place more to yourself.

R.W. Wade (my buddy) and I have come to a conclusion, seeing bibles everywhere, we think the owners/workers believe there is something paranormal happening in this hotel, but see it more of a burden than something they’re open about and wish to encourage. It seems this haunting is to real for the Waitomo Hotel team and not something fun.

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I would like to thank History Goes Bump for the creepy podcast and Paranormal New Zealand. Also the staff at waitomocaveshotel.co.nz.

Photo References: David Whiting / Emma Houston / R.W. Wade / Waitomo Caves Hotel

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