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About Phantom Detectives

Phantom Detectives LLC conducts investigations across various venues, from free private home investigations to more robust guided investigations with the public. The group plans to provide public education sessions free of charge for their supporters, in order to expand the dialogue of the paranormal with a larger audience. They also plan to conduct free information sessions at libraries all over Pennsylvania. At libraries PDLLC will be go over evidence, how they conduct investigations, and how they reveal evidence to their clients. Phantom Detectives LLC will be making numerous trips across the United States to perform investigations at some of America’s most notorious haunted locations. Locations such as Waverly Hills Sanitarium, The Winchester House in San Jose, and the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA are some of our dream places to investigate. This will be done to satisfy the ghost hunter within each of its members. The late Dr. Hans Holzer is one of their major inspirations for starting our group. Most importantly PDLLC wants to apply the scientific rigor to places that have become shrouded in mystery. The group was formed with the intention to bring more rigor and science to the field of paranormal research. With an almost obsessive attention to detail and controlled environments, the team has been able to provide a much more scientific approach for their clients.

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