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On a dark stormy night we sent a telegram to Mortis Media from Youtube asking him a few questions. This is how the interview went.

Hello Mortis Media. Welcome into The Ghost Attic.

Hello Ghost Attic! Thank you for having me on.

You are a popular Youtube channel that specialises in telling creepy stories.
How long have you been into story telling for?

I have been narrating on YouTube coming up to 3 years now!

You have many different categories and story themes that you narrate.
What is you favourite kind of story and why?

My favourite topic is always Paranormal, I’ve long yearned to see a ghost or have a paranormal experience, and these stories fuel my love for it!

The Ghost Attic loves the paranormal. Do you believe in Ghosts?

I most certainly do! I just hope they believe in me, and that I can see one someday!


Have any of the stories that you have read given you nightmares?

I have never read a story that has given me nightmares, not because they aren’t scary, but more so because when you read horror stories every day, you become a bit more desensitized I suppose.

Who is another Youtube story narrator that you work with often?

I’ve worked with so many! I think nearly everyone in the community by this point! Some great people to work with include Killer Orange Cat, Being scared & CZ’s World! Wonderful people and great creators in their own rights!

What is your favourite horror movie?

My favourite horror movie has always been The Ring (2002). I find the plot incredibly original, and the story itself compelling. Moreover though, the fact that once the movie ends and you aren’t left with the happy ending you may have been waiting for, just adds the icing on the cake for me. If you haven’t seen it, I’d recommend it! (Also, let’s pretend 2 & 3 just never happened)…

Have you ever had a scary story in real life that’s happened to you?
If so would you mind telling us about it?

My then Fianceé, now wife and I, were walking down a long dark road in France to get to her late at night. There was a light drizzle gently cascading from the black sky, only illuminated by the 4 dingy orange street lamps lining the half a mile walk back.

It’s quite late, and there is no one else about but us. The only sound being that of the gentle rain and our footfalls as we try to make it back before we get too wet.

As we’re walking in the darkness and approaching the final street lamp, we hear an extremely chilling demonic sounding solitary laugh pierce through the cold winter air from a house on the left. The house in question, we thought was vacant, or at the very least hardly used. The real kicker is that there were no lights on in the house, it was pitch black. The laughter happened only once, and we had no clue who could have done it, or why…

At that moment fear overcame us, and we ran as fast as we could back to her house, hearts pounding as we slipped the key into the lock, and frantically locking behind us to assure ourselves we weren’t being chased by a demonic entity.

If we ever had to pass that house again, we ran passed it.

Do you have any future plans for your Youtube channel?

I do, hopefully a few more long creepypasta style videos! but for the most part things should be staying as they are now!

Mortis Media I am a big fan of your story telling. I look forward to hearing more and more creepy stories to come. It has been a pleasure interviewing you sir! Thanks for keeping it creepy!

You will find Mortis Media on Youtube. Be sure to subscribe!

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