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An Interview With Jim Harold From The Campfire

On a dark stormy night we sent a telegram to Jim Harold asking him a few questions. This is how the interview went.

So to begin with I am very excited to interview you, as I’m a big fan of your Campfire podcast.

How long have you been podcasting and what is your favourite part of it?

I started with The Paranormal Podcast, which is still running, in 2005. I guess the best part are all the great guests and listeners that I get to speak with and correspond with. It is a global community and I am very grateful.

I love all aspects of it as it has been my full time job for the last seven years. I enjoy the production, the business side and just all of it!

My favourite Campfire episode is the one about ‘The Roadhouse’. What episode or episodes are your favourites?

That certainly was among my favorites. Also, I really enjoyed the one where the police officer had the weird call with a wild man and the state patrol and ambulance that responded had car numbers that did not exist, upon further research. I love the stories where a loved one will get a message from someone who has passed. Finally, my very favorites are the head-scratchers. Those really get me thinking.

Most of your podcasts involve scary stories and facts about the paranormal. Have any of these ever given you nightmares?

No, surprisingly not. I don’t necessarily think that the paranormal is something to be afraid of. I think it’s kind of like everyday life there are some good things and there’s some not-so-good things. So, to be afraid of it all is, in my mind, not necessary. Of course, I do believe there are sometimes darker elements involved in it at times. In those cases, I think it is wise to be a bit leery. However, for whatever reason, I can hear the creepiest story and go right to bed with no issues.

I also do a true crime podcast called Jim Harold’s Crime Scene. I find those the scariest things I do because there is no sense to how low some people will go in their personal behaviour and how they can hurt others for greed or revenge.

Other than your own, do you listen to other podcasts in the same genre? If so, which ones?

I listen to the US radio show Coast To Coast AM occasionally. They’ve done this subject matter way before podcasting existed and do a fantastic job. However, I don’t listen to many paranormal podcasts because I want to make sure that I am not unintentionally parroting them. We recently had a newer podcast as a sponsor on the show, The Box of Oddities, and they do a very nice job. They cover more weird miscellany which can include some paranormal stuff.

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the paranormal podcast with jim harold

What is your favourite horror movie?

The Shining. Jack Nicholson is just great in that, what a performance. The cinematography is on point and adds to the tremendous creepy feel that it gives you.

Have you ever had a paranormal experience in real life? If so would you mind telling us about it?

I don’t tend to have full body apparition experiences. My experiences tend to be more subtle and synchronicity based. about a year-and-a-half ago I was on a paranormal themed cruise where I was a speaker. I was taking a break from a session that we were doing and had to walk through the ship’s casino to get to the cafe for some coffee. There I saw one of my fellow attendees playing a game where you use a mechanical claw to grab money.

I had a late uncle who used to play those style claw games anytime he saw them at a store…he’d spend ten dollars to win a 99 cent stuffed toy. I was very close to him, and I thought of him very, very distinctly and strongly when I saw the man playing the game.

Not ten seconds after I had that thought, a woman came up next to the man and called out the name “John.” Guess what my uncle’s name was? It was John. 

Some may say it was a weird coincidence, I say it was him giving me a cosmic tip of the cap. That’s one of those ‘headscratchers’ I was talking about before and I love them.

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You seem to be very busy podcasting with multiple different shows. Do you have something more in the pipeline for us?

Last month, I just launched a new show with my wife called Soulmate Stories. It is kind of like Campfire but for love stories. We love doing it and it is getting a great response. Folks can tune in at or on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

If you had to stay overnight in a Haunted House, Graveyard, Abandoned Insane Asylum or Spooky Forest, which would it be?

Haunted house…I could investigate in comfort! 🙂

Jim Harold it has been a pleasure having you in The Ghost Attic. Big fan! Please keep the podcasts coming. Everyone in the paranormal community around the world loves them. Thanks for keeping it creepy!

You will find Jim Harold Online and be sure to join his Paranormal Plus Club!

What is your favourite podcast? Please comment below if you have heard Jim Harold before. Thanks!

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