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By Marc Eulo Boni

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During my early teenage years, my parents told me to look out for my grandmother since her helper got injured when she accidentally slipped going down a ramp. Since it was my grandmother personally who asked my parents for me to look out for her at her house, I gladly agreed. As I remember, my Grandmother was on her 90th year by that time. It was okay for me since our house is just next door. Before going to school in the morning, I would prepare her breakfast. Right after going to school, I would go directly to my grandma’s house and assist her with what she needs; make her a cup of coffee, fetch her slippers, guide her going to the bathroom and even watch TV with her. Every night I would tuck her in bed, I sleep every night inside her room just by the sofa near her bed, there’s a half-wall separating us, it remained barely covered for me to still see her if she’s doing okay. We share one electric fan that turns simultaneously to the both of us, though there is an air-condition unit on her room, we only use it if it’s burning hot inside the room. All was going well, we enjoyed accompanying each other for the past few months. Well that was until strange things started to happen.

One night, while lying by the couch inside my grandma’s room, I heard the door creak, I can see clearly from where I was lying, the door had opened. I thought that maybe it was just not closed tight and the wind blew it which seldomly happens, I decided to stand up to close the door, I looked outside first to see if someone might have pushed the door open but no one was there, I closed the door and went back to bed, after few minutes later it opened again, I got up quickly thinking I might have just not closed it tight or someone is still awake and playing a prank on me. I immediately looked outside and saw someone running up the next floor giggling, I quickly thought that it was my cousin because his room was upstairs and we mostly do pranks to each other.

With a bit of frustration, I shouted to him “Tsk. Dang it Mel, stop playing around, you might wake up Lola”.

After that, I closed and locked both locks of the door so that he won’t be able to do it again. I was irritated by that and decided to lie down and pick up my phone. I messaged my aunt to tell my cousin not to do that during this time of night for grandma might wake up. I decided to play games on my phone to feel sleepy, after a few minutes later my eyes were ready to rest when suddenly my phone beeped.

It was a message reply from my aunt, I opened the message and read “Hi Mac, Mel is not yet home from school, they’re finishing up their dance practice, maybe it was Mike whom you saw”. I had goosebumps raising all over me, t-that couldn’t have been Mike, I know that Mike isn’t home yet for he told me early morning that he’ll stay on a friend’s house. Just after realizing that, I heard something. It was rattling sounds that came from the door as if someone was trying to open it.

“Click”, I heard a sound and sure that was the sound of the 1st door handle being unlocked.

“Click”, another click and I was very sure that was the sound of the second door lock.

“Creeeeek”, the door slowly open. From where I was lying, I can see clearly the door slowly open, as the door was fully open, I heard a giggling sound and saw a shadow cast from the light outside, it was a figure of a little kid standing just by the door. Just by then, I saw it moved like it was slowly walking inside the room. I was now freaking out and started to panic. On not knowing what to do, I just quickly covered my face with the blanket. Now I can hear the giggling sound getting louder and louder and felt like it was getting closer and closer to me.

Next thing I knew, I woke up at our house with a high fever and couldn’t speak. When I got better, my mom told me that my cousin was knocking by the door that morning but I wasn’t answering, my grandma was the one who hurriedly opened the door and told my cousin that I was shaking and have a high fever. They tried to talk to me but I wasn’t speaking so my cousin decided to lift and carry me back to our house to get treated. I don’t recall any of that happening, I didn’t tell anyone yet what I saw that night for they might think and say that it was just a bad nightmare that I had but for me that was very much real.

Two days after getting better, I returned back to my grandmother’s house after school, she asked me to prepare a meal for her and a hot choco because she was feeling hungry. I went to the kitchen and prepared it. She asked me if I could bring it inside her room instead because her knees were aching and is difficult for her to walk to the kitchen, I agreed and went back to the kitchen to bring the meal to her, as I gave her the hot chocolate she said to me…

“Mac, can you also give that little kid some hot choco? She’s been standing there all day now.”, I felt a chill all over my body as she pointed by the door where she claims to see the little kid. I turned around but saw no one there. I told her that no one’s there but she kept on insisting and pointing that there’s a little kid standing by the door.

After that, I decided to tell my parents what happened on the night I had a high fever. They weren’t all that surprised because of what they already knew. They told me that sometimes at night, they see by the kitchen window a little kid running around as if it was playing, sometimes they could even here the giggle of a little kid. They never told me this until that moment because I might no longer accompany my grandma. Right after that, they asked for the house to get blessed but after that I no longer always stay at my grandma’s house. Me and my brother alternately go there to accompany her.

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