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Greenwich Halloween Parade Photo

By Eric Read

I was at the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village with one of my MeetUp groups last year, when Halloween may’ve come calling with its own trick or treats. We were all in costume, marching in the parade (I was Geisha Guy) and I was taking pics with my cell. I was photographing a young guy in a Superman costume when, out of the blue, my camera took a walk on the wild side. Where normally the camera would simply click when I took a pic, now the lens would remain open for a couple seconds, then take pictures entirely on its own in rapid succession (I heard a series of clicks, though I only hit the button once). Or it would remain open, partially close, then open again and take the snapshot. This happened several times in a row, roughly sequential to the pic of our Super Hero and lasting more or less for the duration of the parade.

While this was going on, I got a strange feeling that can only be described as “uncanny”, and I felt a distinct chill, like a cold wind blowing right through me. Immediately after the parade, the camera went back to normal. When I looked at my phone, I couldn’t believe what I saw. Rather than “Superman,” a strange smoke-like substance could be seen enveloping the entire image of one of the pics, though there was no fog or mist visible at the time. Much of the “smoke” seemed to be in the form of ghoulish or ghostly faces, many of whom appeared to be leering.

greenwich halloween parade photo

I’ve provided a link to the pics in question, consisting of four images: first, right side up as it appeared in my phone, then rotated counterclockwise in increments of 90 degrees, as a new set of anomalies seem to emerge when viewed from different angles.

Degrees in philosophy and law here, about as logical as they come. But I am at a loss to explain this.


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