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The Ghost Tour Shadow Man

By Kero

When I was a kid I was really into paranormal things such as ghosts and spirits, so I always got really excited for Halloween. On one Halloween my parents took my brother and me to a ghost tour in the city. During the tour we would visit real haunted houses which were said to have some really violent ghosts. I couldn’t be more excited.

We arrived at the location for the tour meet up an empty parking lot, but we were a bit early and nobody else had arrived yet. It was a chilly October night so my parents decided that we should find a building to wait in until more people arrived. We walked over to the building that the parking lot was meant for, which was an old hotel, and we entered. We tried to fully enter the building but we found that the doors leading to the lobby inside were locked. After a few minutes of standing around I started to feel a strange nauseous feeling swept through my stomach. Goosebumps ran up and down my arms and a piercing feeling of being watched was stabbing almost burning my back. Looking around it was obvious that my family and me were the only ones inside the old hotel. The lobby of the building was also devoid of people. Once we saw people enter the parking lot we left and I felt better and after that I was shocked to see the first place we stopped on the tour was the building my family had been waiting in.

“Now this building we won’t enter because the spirit inside here is more violent than the others we’ll encounter” the guide stated.

“In here we have the shadow man. He doesn’t terrorize the whole building, just the area that you enter through. He’s been known to slap and scratch people coming inside”. A few pictures were passed around. All of a sudden, I don’t know how and why, but I recognized that an inky black figure stood against the doors windows. Its eyes were glowing white and it had long fingers and pointed nails. It was freaky to think that the shadow man might have targeted me, but I didn’t think much of it until after the tour when my family went back home.

I started to complain to my mom that my back was itching and burning, so she grabbed some ointment and told me she would look at it. We thought it was just a bug bite. We had been walking around outside at night after all. When she lifted my shirt she asked when I had scratched my back. I told her I hadn’t. She took a picture on her phone and showed it to me. I was met with a long red scratch bleeding from my shoulder to the middle of my back. The skin on my back was a shade of red like a rash. My family and I didn’t say anything but just turned back straight to our house. The shadow man had got me!


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