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The Ghost Car Of Picton

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The Ghost Car Of Picton

By James From Sydney, Australia

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This happened to me back in 2011 when I was 19. I live in Sydney, Australia and this happened on a country back road on the outskirts of the city, at a place called Picton.

Myself and four of my high school buddies decided to go for a drive with no particular destination in mind. We jumped on the highway at about 8PM. It was summer so the sun was beginning to set. We took an exit off the highway and began driving down a few rural roads. Being that we had no destination in mind and that we were more focused on the music blasting out of the speakers, we eventually got lost. There was a full moon that night and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

After a while we saw a car pull out from a side road about 100 metres in front of us from the height of its red tail lights it looked to be a sedan. Being lost, we decided to follow the car, we did have signal on our phones and could have easily charted a route on Google maps but decided against it to see if we could find our way back by following this car. Dumb, I know.

We maintained the 100-metre gap between us the car and followed at the 80 kmph speed limit. We eventually came to a long, straight dirt road with large, treeless fields on both sides. We then saw the cars taillights make a left turn up ahead and we thought ‘finally we can get off this straight stretch of road’. This is when things get very creepy.

We arrived to the turn off about 10 seconds after the car turned off, but there was no turn off, just a dead end! There was an old rusty metal gate that was clearly locked with an equally rusty chain and padlock leading to an overgrown driveway with no clear tyre tracks. There was NO way that the driver could’ve unlocked the gate and driven down the driveway in the 10 seconds it took us to reach it. Even if they did we would have seen the headlights and tail lights going down the driveway, and if for some reason they decided to switch then off we would’ve STILL seen the car as the terrain was very flat and it was a full moon. We all confirmed what we witnessed with each other. To this day I still can’t explain what happened. Did the car somehow evade our vision or was this a lost soul returning to their earthly home after a tragic event? I’ll never know. Even today, a few years later, all my friends remember the event.

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