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5 Spooky Ghost Stories From New Zealand

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5 Spooky Ghost Stories From New Zealand

Checkout 5 Spooky Ghost Stories From New Zealand. These creepy paranormal stories will put a shiver down your spine! Read and enjoy.

The Ghost Attic would like to thank NZ Ghost Stories for the creepy reads.


Slipper Scuffle

This last summer we went camping. As per usual my daughter needed to desperately go to the toilet in the early hours of the morning (4 or 3am). We got our torches and made our dark walk to the shared toilet facilities, which were about a minute from our tent. When we got to the bathrooms, there was an automatic sensor that turned the lights on in a dramatic fashion. Blinking to get used to the sudden electrical light, we quickly made our way to the toilets.

While getting into the cubicle I heard a scuffing of slippers on the tiled floor, and saw on the side of my eye a blurred vision of a woman in a light blueish dressing gown, and sandy hair go into the cubicle next to mine. I’m short sighted and slept with my contact lenses on (naughty) so was still blurry eyed, but I distinctly heard slippers and saw her go into the toilet stall.

When we had finished and washed our hands, I turned back and saw that the occupied cubicle door was still “occupied”. I thought; what a coincidence that someone needed to use the facilities the same early hour as us. Camping season was coming to a close so we were a smallish familiar summer group. I went back to my tent a bit worried about the other toilet goer going back to her tent by herself. I was pausing every two three steps, to turn and check that she had left, and seeming that she had a real slipper scuffle going on, I was ready to turn at any minute and see or hear her go.

We got back down to our tent and by this time I was walking with my head permanently turned back waiting the woman to emerge. But just as we got back to our tent the toilet lights timed out and went out!? No one had come out of the toilet cubicle?? Ew creepy. I was tempted to go back but my daughter was already in her sleeping bag.

In the morning I scanned the kitchen area to see if there was any lady resembling the sandy haired blurred vision. There would have been lots of room for error but at this point in our camping trip we had gotten to know other families and were quite friendly, and also noted the one nighters. I told my mum and sisters what had happened and while telling them my daughter (who is a real big ears) said ‘oh you mean Lisa?’ (name she used I have forgotten). I remember feeling really creeped out but at the same time so busy with camp that I didn’t have time to dwell on the event until well now. Creepy!!


Terrifying Tauranga

Tales from the head. Can’t buy the book. No one’s listening – but, I guess you could. Try whistling this…

In January 1998, my mum, sister and I moved back to Tauranga from spending 1997 in Australia, we had only lived there a year, but like many kiwis going over there, it was either for you or not – in our case it wasn’t to be, mum didn’t like it and missed home – I did too. Dad was left there to try and sell the house we had there and eventually sold it and moved back around June 1998. We came back early to start the new school year in NZ in February. I was just about to start my final year of school in sixth form and my sister was in 4th form. Originally for a couple of months we stayed with my aunty in Whakamarama and attended Katitkati college along with my cousins before moving into a rental house in Gate Pa in Tauranga and transferred to Tauranga Boys’ and Girls’ colleges.
We moved into this house in Gate Pa early in April 1998, and it was right on the Gate Pa battle site and it overlooked Gate Pa domain. It was a pretty small house and built in the mid 1960s. It only had 2 bedrooms and a sun room, which ended up being my bedroom – tiny and inadequate, boiling in the summer, but it had to do.

When we moved in, we had no furniture until dad came back and were on deck chairs and lilo camp beds in the bedrooms for a couple of months. Mum had a car, and as my sister never had a radio or stereo, and all our possessions were in Australia, she used to go down to the garage which was under the house and sit in the car listening to it and playing cassette tapes. There wasn’t much else to do other than TV, it was the late 90s, and we never had the internet or mobile phones. She never lasted that long down there as she always had a creepy feeling something was watching her. There were a small set of stairs, which led down there from the hallway, and the laundry room was down there too. Mum always hated going down there as she often got a weird creepy feeling something was watching her down there. I agreed with that, as often I used to go down at night and mess about building things and models etc and I even got that feeling – on more than one occasion, I remember getting pretty scared and bolting back up the stairs a few times. It was pretty silent and always a slight draft and cool down there and that uneasy feeling seemed to always creep into your mind. I was genuinely very apprehensive down there many times.

Strange ticking noises began in the walls of the house, oddly we could hear them above the TV sound level and even weirder, we never heard them come, nor go, or could even pinpoint exactly where on the wall, but seemed to emanate from the lounge. This went on the whole time we lived there. It sounded like one of those old bedside alarm clocks ticking away at quite a fast pace. First we thought it may have been building contraction or expansion, but it went on all through the years and seasons.

I left school at the end of 1998, and things became a bit odd in the house in 1999. The first half of 1999 was a bit of a transient time for me, I’d left school, worked part time at the local Pak’n’Save and had a lot of free time and often spent hours wondering what to do in life, where am I going? Looking out into the distance on the deck daydreaming and running away with thoughts you cannot hide, and doing a lot of fishing in the harbour with dad and sort of enjoying some freedom but also feeling a bit lost.

The strangest thing to ever happen at the house was a fairly regular occurrence, back then I usually stayed up late watching TV and was often 1am when I went to bed. I have OCD now and it all stems from the following… I used to go to bed, and in the morning mum would start going on at me for not closing and locking the double sliding doors on the deck as they were left open. I was pretty sure I closed them, and when it happened again I knew I had definitely closed them – pull the doors together and flick down the latch. There it was, they were open always about 15cm wide. Never more, never less. The locking latch was on the inside and was always down for locked. I used to end up in a bit of a OCD routine before bed, I’d go round and check the doors, particularly that sliding door 4 times before bed, pushed down on the latch 4 times, tried pulling apart the doors 4 times, look at them, go check the back door, the other sliding glass door at the kitchen, then…yep…back to that door again, just to make sure. In the morning it was unlatched and open. It didn’t happen all the time, but at least twice a month. Now, my bedroom/sunroom was right by the lounge and I never once heard them unlatch and open during the night.My sister used to go out with mates pretty often and would get home late after I’d gone to bed – I used to get up and check the doors even then. Still, to this day I check doors 4 times.

My grandfather passed away in August 1999 and not long after he died, my sister came home late one night, I was in bed and heard her messing about in the kitchen and heating up some KFC in the microwave to take to her bedroom. As she turned off the light and walked to the hallway main door, I heard her yell out saying ‘I’ve just walked through something!’ Oddly mum was awake and was anticipating something happening. She yelled out from her bedroom ‘it’s ok, it won’t hurt you’. My sister had walked through a mist in the doorway, I don’t think she saw it until it was too late and went straight through it. It really scared her and has never forgotten it.

By the end of 1999, I was doing a bit of commercial fishing with dad and still working at the supermarket, plus still going down the harbour in the evenings fishing too. What can I say? We were pretty into fishing back then! Anyway, on the 3rd of January 2000, it was about 7pm, we were in the lounge and were sorting out a few bits of fishing gear to take down for some night fishing, it was still light outside as was summer and all of a sudden the back door started violently rattling as if someone was desperately trying to get in. The weirdest thing was that door had a frosted glass panel and would’ve seen the person outside. Nothing there. I even went outside kind of cautiously, no one around on the road, no one around the house. Mum didn’t really seem to acknowledge it even though she was there when it happened.

Into 2000, the door was still opening during the night, the strange ticking from the wall was coming and going, and there was still that eerie presence in the garage. My sister would never go down there as apparently (and I didn’t find out for a while) that she had seen a shadow or something poke its head out from behind the doorway and back again. I noticed mum started locking the stairwell door in the hallway from then on.

In early 2001, dad and me moved to England. Mum was still in the house as my sister wasn’t old enough to leave home, and she wasn’t often home – always out with boyfriends or suchlike. Eventually she moved in with a boyfriend and didn’t want to move to England so she stayed in NZ. Mum was often left home alone in the house – the ticking noise was going on still, and the sliding doors still opening right up to the day she left the house to move to the UK. She said she used to get quite scared sometimes there and sometimes the ticking in the walls was really loud.

It was a strange house, I think my mum thinks, and my sister thinks it was haunted. There was definitely some entity or presence in there. I’ve noticed much of the things that went on revolved around doors, or doorways. Funnily enough the landlord was an English lady and she still to this day sends Xmas cards and a letter. We’ve never queried about anything, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if now, 15 years later there are still things going on in that house with whomever lives there now.

Cheeky Poltergeist

Hi all, have been having some strange things happening around the house in the past couple of weeks. We have owned the house for 1 year and just the other day my partner said that her toothbrush flew off the vanity towards her (no windows open or breeze etc), then a day later she turned the tv off and it turned back on by itself 5 mins later. Now I am the biggest skeptic and brushed her concerns aside but, this morning i was in the shower in our bathroom and her mascara went flying off the vanity and landed in the bathtub. No windows open, door was shut etc. I have no way of explaining how it happened other than something like a ghost. Anyone have an idea as to what I should do? Feeling creeped out!

The Magic Mirror

About 22 years ago in a small town called Papakura in South Auckland lived a normal family three teenagers living in the household at the time and one child my self (age 3) at the time, my parents and my Nana who had recently moved from Taranaki and bought along a lot of her belongings from her home she sold one of these items was a round mirror that has a white etching of Mount Taranaki on the right hand corner which we then put up in our home.

One night the teenagers my sister, cousin and family friends decided to do Ouija board game for the first time ever, they decided this at around 2am so they looked around the house for something round to do the Ouija board on because they assumed they needed something round I guess there was no Google in those days they used they’re lack of knowledge of Ouija boards and made one.

They weren’t the type to do this sort of thing but my cousin had recently lost her parents in a motorbike crash so they wanted to possibly bring her peace and talk to her deceased parents however this didn’t happen they ended up calling in a spirit and being very disrespectful and silly towards the spirit as teenagers do without knowing the consequences. The motion of the Ouija board frightened them so much after a few questions they put it away. They say they saw green rays of light coming from the mirror afterwards and got frightened. After that life went on they didn’t end the Ouija board session and never said goodbye.

Life continues, me the 3 year old after the time seems to start having terrible sleeping issues and can’t be left alone. The adults in the house do not know a Ouija board game was done here so no connection was made. The sleeping issues turned into vivid ghost sittings of my grandfather who died 3 or so years before I was born. I was describing seeing flights of soldiers coming through my bedroom as a child. It turned out where I lived in Redhill the soldiers would pass thru to the Maori way back in wartime. I didn’t know this as a child.

Fast forward two years of traumatic sleep fears and ghost sightings we moved a couple streets up to a house big enough for our growing family. The problems never went away, I spent years being followed as a child by the ghost of a tall man in a trench coat watching me from my door way. This went on until I was 11 years old. I was able to start blocking out the sightings and sleep issues with marijuana. I found it helped me to sleep and closed my mind off from the spirits so I continued to block it out effectively for many years after that point.

As an adult I started to wonder where my life went wrong as a kid and starting seeing ghosts and being very traumatised. I started picking my sisters brain about our old house. I asked if any weird happenings happened back when I was 3 (when my problems began). She had what seemed like a brainwave and remembered that she had done a Ouija board back then on Nana’s mirror. And to my absolute disgrace I looked in our family home and the same mirror was hanging in our new home for the last 20 years. It was the mirror we passed when we entered our home for 20 years. And it was that mirror that had become a portal for bad spirits. Before realising this we had cleaned out our family home and donated the mirror to the local hospice. We hope and pray it does not give anyone else the luck and misfortune it bought myself. This is just an average kiwi family who experienced this over so long. I hope this helps others that have been through something similar.


The Old Green House

It was about 10 years ago now when my eldest daughter told me about an old green house that was empty. Because it was old I couldn’t resist being nosey. I took my daughter and son (6 at the time ) and we were standing in the dining room when my son started screaming hysterically and was terrified. We left and when we got home he told us there was a lady named Emma who wasn’t happy about us being in her house and told us to get out. My son said she was quite cross and was banging her hands on the wall. Neither my daughter nor myself had seen her. Since then my son refuses to talk about it and wouldn’t even walk past the house. Sadly the house has since been used as fire practice and the land is now new houses. I often think if Emma is still there in one of the houses or just in the area.

This article was written by David a web designer from New Zealand. Gathering ghost stories from his own country was a fun task. Please comment below if you liked the 5 Spooky Ghost Stories From New Zealand.

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