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Room EMF Meter with Sound Review


GhostStop who is the supplier of ghost hunting equipment on the popular TV shows Ghost Hunters aka The Atlantic Paranormal Society, have recently put a new toy on the market. It is the Rook EMF Meter with Sound, which is a level up from your classic K2 Meter. This new invention detects small changes in electromagnetic energy and alerts with lights and sound.

rook emf meter

How to Use

The detector is specifically designed for ghost hunting with an emphasis on detecting energy changes and proximity so you can be alerted to a presence and track down the source easily.

Simply find the area you would like to investigate, mostly where the activity has been reported. Place the Room EMF Meter preferably on a flat surface facing upwards (you also can obviously hold it and point). Click the red switch and the lights should appear, giving you the sign that it’s ready to investigate. If you would like to test if it’s working, point in towards an active power point. If the top red lights start to light up, this indicates it’s picking up Electromagnetic Fields.

Special Features

• This camera was made specifically for ghost hunting
• All designed and built right here at GhostStop in the USA
• Built ergonomically for comfortable carrying
• EMF detection with 2 on-board panels of 4 LEDs to indicate EMF strength
• Piezo speaker gets louder to indicate EMF strength
• Powered by one 9-volt battery (not included)
• Battery life: over 50 hours on one battery
• Size: 2.3″ x 4.5″ x 1.2″
• Single-axis EMF detection
• EMF Range: high resolution variable range from 0 to ~20mg+ with many increments in between for a good indication of change
• Frequency range: approximately ~5Hz – ~1MHz
• Lit power indicator
• Lit on/off power switch
• Tripod mount on bottom of unit

Other Bonus Features

• New Colors! Now comes in Black, White and Pink
• Sound alert that varies with proximity of the EMF detected
• Quality detection fortified from most interference


Customer Feedback

This is hands down one of the best EMF devices on the market to date!!! My wife since using this refuses to use anything else. All future orders will be coming from this website. The service is fast, friendly, and 100% pure professional. – Brandon Stephens (Bay Minette, Al)

I love my Rook EMF meter.  I bought mine when they first came out and it had never let me down.  I highly recommend it to everyone. – Gene (Winchester, CA United States)


There are limited ways to pick up on paranormal activity. One important way is to measure activity by Electromagnetic Fields. This is when the Rook EMF Meter with Sound will help, big time! Not only does it visually indicate activity, now you can hear if there’s a ghost in the room. We do have much respect for the original EMF meter. We take our top hats off. But the new improved Rook EMF Meter is something to try out! Not only has it picked up amazing reviews, its built by a trusted company.

Bonus: The Rook EMF Meter with Sound comes with a FREE CASE! This case will keep it safe between investigations and also it looks pretty cool with the GhostStop logo slapped on the side.

Do you want to buy the Rook EMF Meter with Sound? If so, please visit GhostStop.


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