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Full Spectrum POV Cam Review

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Full Spectrum POV Cam Review


Ghost hunting requires a certain set of equipment. Spirits generally aren’t visible to the naked eye, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. It just means that they are on a spectrum that we can’t see. We know these spectrums, such as ultraviolet light, exist. We also know that other animals are able to see in these spectrums.

Ever noticed how cats and dogs stare at seemingly nothing? Maybe they’re just seeing something you can’t. Of course, you can’t ask your pet if something is there. What you need is a full spectrum camera such as the Full Spectrum POV Cam offered by Ghost Stop.


How to Use

The Full Spectrum POV Camcorder is able to take full spectrum, night vision HD video and photos completely hands free. All you have to do is mount it where you need it using something like a chest mount, head strap, or the tripod. If you’d rather watch from a distance, then use the WiFi features to watch the video remotely using your phone or tablet.

Outside of taking full spectrum videos, it works much like a regular camera. Point and shoot, or mount the camera, turn it on, and let it handle everything by itself. It is professionally modified to work with IR and VR to show the full spectrum of light, including the things that human eyes can’t normally see.

Needless to say, if there is anything around you that you can’t see, this camera can see it and will show it to you in a way that the human eye – and brain – can process.

Special Features

• This camera was made specifically for ghost hunting
• Video resolutions: 4K HD (3840 X 2160 @ 15fps), 2.7K HD (2704×1524 @ 24fps), 1080p HD (1920×1080 @ 60/30fps), 120fps @, and 720p option
• Photo resolution; 12M/8M/5M/4M
• Movie format: MOV
• Picture format: JPG
• Exposure boost up to +2.0 for brighter pictures and videos in low light situations
• Fully rechargeable and detachable battery
• Battery life – 2 hours at 1080p or one hour at 4k
• USB connection for unlimited power
• Connect to computers for file transfer
• External memory – micro SD up to 32GB
• 2” LCD display screen
• View Angle: 170°
• Microphone built in
• Wide range of mounting capabilities – some of which are included in the package
• Time stamp option
• Multiple language options

Other Bonus Features

• New 120fps option now available
• Takes videos with audio, photos, burst shots and time-lapse
• 12MP Photos
• Wifi Live-View Display with free mobile app
• Easy-To-Use System – Just Hit Record and Go!
• Audio Recording
• Extended battery life

Note: This piece of ghost hunting equipment works well with the Rook EMF Meter with Sound. Both combined in an investigation will up your chances of detecting a ghost!


Customer Feedback

Love the video on this small cam. It’s a great addition to our equipment. Can monitor the camera on my cellphone. – John Karle (Altoona, PA)

This piece of kit is fantastic, it comes with all the necessary brackets to fit any situation. The videos I have taken since receiving mine have been excellent quality and it is so easy to use, the other great point is the fact it runs whilst plugged in (if using as a static) so no need to worry about the battery running out mid way through an investigation. The whole experience of purchasing with GhostStop was done with ease and communication regarding shipping and delivery was spot on. GhostStop are without doubt the best paranormal equipment retailer in the business. – Brian Coultish (Yorkshire, UK)


If you want to be able to see ghosts, then you have to be able to see on spectrums the human eye can’t. Normally that would be impossible of course, but now thanks to the Full Spectrum POV Cam from Ghost Stop, you can “see” in IR and UV light and see what is really around you. Ghost Stop are one of the most trusted and respected names in the ghost hunting industry. Their Full Spectrum POV Cam is used by professional ghost hunters such as The Atlantic Paranormal Society aka TAPS. Being a professional means using the equipment of a professional, and this is definitely a professional piece of equipment for finding ghosts.

Bonus: Full Spectrum POV Cam from GhostStop comes with a FREE NIGHT VISION LIGHT! This light will come in handy in those darker rooms!

Do you want to buy the Full Spectrum POV Cam? If so, please visit GhostStop.

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