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BooBuddy Jr. EMF Trigger Bear Review

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BooBuddy Jr. EMF Trigger Bear Review


Have you ever watched TV shows and YouTube videos about ghost hunting and wanted to give it a go for yourself? The good news is that it’s much easier to find ghost hunting equipment than you might think. There are lots of stores dedicated to that kind of thing, and they’re packed with plenty of great gear for the amateur – and professional – ghost hunter. One such store is Ghost Stop, and one of the best pieces of equipment they currently offer is the BooBuddy Jr. EMF Trigger Bear.


How to use the BooBuddy Jr. EMF Trigger Bear

Anyone who knows anything about ghosts knows about EMF. These electromagnetic fields are created when an electronically charged object moves. EMF meters are used to detect these changes and, while mainly being used to detect electrical faults, they can also be used to detect spirits. As a spirit moves, it creates an electromagnetic field, which is why ghost hunters swear by these EMF meters and any ghost hunter needs one. BooBuddy Jr. is a handy little bear with an EMF meter built in, making him the ultimate sidekick for your next ghost hunt.

Using BooBuddy Jr. couldn’t be simpler. Just set him down in an area where you believe there may be a spiritual entity. Turn him on and he’ll get to work detecting any energy changes in the room while you get to work asking EVP questions. If BooBuddy Jr. detects a spike in EMF energy, his paws light up. Be sure to leave a camera by BooBuddy Jr. so that you can record potential responses to your questions and anything that shows up. Don’t worry about BooBuddy Jr.; he loves the camera. If you spot an increase in EMF and something shows up on the camera, you’re definitely dealing with something spooky.

Keep in mind that BooBuddy Jr. isn’t a toy by any means. It’s a fully-fledged ghost investigator!

Special Features

• A cute and fully EMF trigger object
• Green light in belly indicates EMF detection is on
• An EMF meter hidden within the bear causes its belly and arms to light up when spikes in EMF energy are detected
• One arm lighting up is a sign of medium frequencies, and two arms is a sign of higher strength frequencies
• All electronic components are hidden within the doll
• Size – about 7 inches tall sitting
• Battery – one 9v battery (not included)
• BooBuddy Jr. has his own backpack that contains the battery compartment and the on/off switch
• A hard shell carry case is available as an optional add-on

Other Bonus Features

• New improved design as of December 2018

Note: This piece of ghost hunting equipment works well with the Full Spectrum POV Cam. Both combined in an investigation will up your chances of detecting a ghost!

Customer Feedback

Purchased this little guy for my brother last Christmas. His team has had great experiences with evidence collection. Fun gift! – Colleen Kwiecinski (Shelby Township, MI)

Fun device! While on an investigation I was getting responses on my trifield and then while validating the responses three times. Twice by trifield and once by pendulum. The Boobuddy was solid red on his left arm then would turn off showing the spike was gone. Owning my own paranormal group and in the field for over 13 years that’s exactly what we need – more tools to help validate our findings. Two thumbs up in my book! Great tool. Everyone should have one. – Chris Gostkowski (Shepherds Town, WV)


BooBuddy Jr. is the ultimate ghost hunting buddy to take on your next hunt. Simply put the bear down where you feel there might be a spirit, flick the “on” switch, and see if anything shows up. You know that you’re getting quality as well thanks to the brand name Ghost Stop. The team there are so respected in the industry that their inventions – such as this EMF detecting bear – are used by professional ghost hunters and have been featured in TV shows. He’s trusted by The Atlantic Paranormal Society aka TAPS, and you can trust him too!

Note: The BooBuddy Jr. EMF Trigger Bear doesn’t talk. The BooBuddy Interactive Bear is the talking one.

Bonus: Every order gets a FREE flashlight pen, FREE glowing Gus keychain and Reward Tokens. Limited time only.

Do you want to buy the BooBuddy Jr. EMF Trigger Bear? If so, please visit GhostStop.

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