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Popular Reality Paranormal TV Shows 2019

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A List of Reality Paranormal TV Shows up to 2019

Paranormal TV shows have been getting ever more popular over the years. Many popular ghost hunters now have their very own television show or Youtube channel to document the paranormal cases they go on. Other shows consist of true stories based on the paranormal that are reenacted.

The very first paranormal related show I can remember was one called ‘The Extraordinary’. My friend and I were around 10 years old and the only ones in this old house at night. It came on TV and it scared the shit out of us. Maybe this was what got me into ghost stuff in the first place.

From the very beginning of paranormal television to now, there have been some more popular shows than others. It’s now time to check them out! Please see our recommended list of reality paranormal tv shows, in The Ghost Attic.

paranormal television show ghost nation

Ghost Nation

Now immediately you are saying “What the hell is Ghost Nation? Haven’t heard of this one yet”. You are correct. It is very new and hasn’t even aired yet. I thought this would be a great up and coming show you may be interested in.

It is Ghost Hunters, Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango that have joined forces again to bring you this new show! There hasn’t been to much said about this show yet but it airs in Fall 2019 so keep your eyes out for something creepy on the Travel Channel.

kindred spirits ghost tv shows

Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits has been around for 3 seasons now and is hosted by other former team members from Ghost Hunters, Amy Bruni and Adam Berry.

This program is based on paranormal cases that these experts go on. The locations are mostly unique which makes it great to see other haunted locations in the US and also it’s just cool to see these Ghost Hunters stars back in action!

paranormal lockdown ghost shows

Paranormal Lockdown

Another great new ghost busting show that is quite popular in the paranormal community is Paranormal Lockdown. This is hosted by ex Ghost Adventures star Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman from the Paranormal Research Society.

The idea behind this show is these two lucky investigators get to enjoy a 72-hour lockdown in some frightening haunted locations. I’m not being sarcastic when I say ‘lucky’. This would be the life! There are 3 seasons thus far.

paranormal witness paranormal tv shows

Paranormal Witness

Now Paranormal Witness is not a ghost investigation show but more reenactments of people’s paranormal stories. I have added this to the list as it has a good production level and is not cheesy as some other shows like this. It’s movie quality.

Just to name some of the favourite episodes, “The Real Haunting in Connecticut”, “The Hollywood Sign Haunting/The Good Skeleton” and “The Motel”, there are many more to watch! The last season was in 2016, but there are rumors of more being made in the future. I hope so!

paranormal tv show ghost hunters new 2019

Ghost Hunters

The original Ghost Hunters crew haven’t created any new episodes in some time, but this is one of the originals in ghost hunting television. It was one of the first mainstream shows to hit the international screens. There are two other shows that have branched from this being Ghost Hunters International and Ghost Hunters Academy.

I always found that this show felt more real and honest that others. Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, the founders, did a great job over the years and documented some creepy evidence from very creepy locations. You can find all their shows on DVD and other streaming platforms. Two thumbs up for this show.

UPDATE: So recently Ghost Hunters has been rebooted in 2019 with original host Grant Wilson. The revival will be aired on A&E instead of Syfy on August 21 2019 and the first season will have at least 20 episodes. It will be a whole new crew of paranormal investigators.

If you are wondering, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson are still on good terms even though they have seperate shows. It will be hard to beat the original Ghost Hunters, but I’m excited to see this new version and the paranormal locations they investigate.

ghost adventures paranormal tv shows

Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures has been around for some time now. It is one of the longest recorded paranormal shows to date. The production value of this show is high and you can see a lot of effort is put into filming. Most of the haunted locations are up there with the most infamous.

Now if you want my opinion, the older shows are greater compared to the newer. To me they seem more legitimate. Don’t get me wrong, the show is still entertaining and well produced, but honestly I think it’s mostly staged and Zac Bagans is gradually losing the plot.

the dead files paranormal television shows

The Dead Files

This is an interesting and unique show that now has been on air for 11 seasons. The Dead Files consists of a homicide detective and a medium that investigates haunted locations. It is an interesting mix of professions, but it works well with finding the history and communicating with the dead.

Another cool thing about this popular show is the 2-person team investigates more homes than the more famous locations. So if this is your cup of paranormal tea,  you will find it on the Travel Channel.

most haunted ghost hunting shows

Most Haunted

Most Haunted has been around for some time now and is a UK based paranormal show with over 275 episodes broadcasted to date. The team has investigated famous locations such as Leap Castle, The Mermaid Inn, Edinburgh Vaults and The Hellfire Caves.

This paranormal series is one of the originals that has probably influenced so many today. You can find this paranormal series on a lot of platforms so check it out!

netflix paranormal tv show haunted


Everyone these days must be aware of Netflix. Well they have put out a new Netflix Series paranormal tv show called ‘Haunted’. They’re now into the 2nd season and it’s pretty creepy/disturbing.

This show has it’s own style, where a person who’s experienced a terrifying paranormal situation, sits and shares the story with close family members and friends. The story is then reenacted in a high budget production. It’s good because the idea is original. My personal mention is the 2nd season is much better than the first.

paranormal survivor ghost shows

Paranormal Survivor

This tv series is a reenactment based show sharing the terrifying and supernatural stories of real peoples experiences. In 2019, it is now on its 6th season and is getting more popular in the ghost lovers community.

The great thing about this paranormal show is it’s real people with fascinating ghost stories that have changed their lives. I do like these types of shows as they do a good job of putting the story visually into your head. You can actually see the fear in some of these people’s faces when they tell their paranormal stories once again.

haunted collector paranormal tv shows

Haunted Collector

You may have heard of this, you may not of. Unfortunately there was only 3 seasons, but Haunted Collector was one of its first to specialize in finding haunted items. It starred John Zaffis who is a demonologist and a big name in the paranormal community. He also worked with big names such as Ed and Lorraine Warren who were paranormal investigators and authors associated with prominent cases of hauntings.

The reason this show makes the list is because it was original and unique to other paranormal tv shows. It was short lived but was good while it was aired. On a good note you can still find it on streaming platforms and good ol trusty DVD.

Do you know of anymore great paranormal TV shows?

I know I haven’t listed all the ghost related shows out there, but if you know of anymore please let everyone know in the comments. I will happily add more in the future. Also what is your favourite?

Thanks for reading this article in The Ghost Attic. Please share with your paranormal friends!

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  • Erica M Merritt

    Sad to say paranormal lockdown was cancelled. Katrina is actually in a new show this that’s not too bad it’s called Portal to He’ll Check it out

    • David Whiting - The Ghost Attic

      Hey Erica! Thanks for that information. I may add the new show to this list.

  • Robert Crabtree

    Thank’s David for the information. You may be interested in what I can do – Since 2016 I can photograph spirits and now have thousands of images. Most are good spirits but the bad ones are obvious. I also have photographed several angels, one where all this started for me. I used to have fear of them but now I will go anywhere. I know this is hard to believe but I can send you some pictures for you to decide for yourself. Mainly I take these pics in the dark for the better contrast but I have some excellent daylight images. I am not too good with computers and the website I started is too complicated for me to input images. Just give me the chance by sending some. I am able to take pictures of ghosts and spirits anywhere but some places are much better like Bolling Hall, near my home. Regards, Rob

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