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Paranormal Investigators Found On YouTube

If you’re reading this article surely you’ve heard of the popular paranormal TV shows such as ‘Ghost Hunters’, ‘Ghost Adventures’ and the new ‘Ghost Nation’. Multi-million dollar TV production companies such as the Travel Channel produce these shows on a high budget. They are some of the original shows in this industry containing some of the most experienced investigators.

I mean, what’s the chance of getting your own ghost hunting show on the Travel Channel?

Unfortunately the chance is not great. That’s why YouTube is a great platform to pursue your ghost hunting filming career. I’m active on YouTube a lot and that’s how I found these great paranormal teams. So let’s take a look at some up and coming investigators in the industry!

Strange Town

Strange Town is a YouTube channel consisting of 2 paranormal investigators based out of Austin, Texas. The boys investigate some creepy historical locations, some I bet you haven’t heard of! For a 2-man team the production is well done and you’ll notice that Mark and Billy are very passionate towards ghost hunting.

Checkout the Strange Town Channel and support them on Patreon.

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network

BuzzFeed has dedicated a channel towards the supernatural, mystery and crime. Some funny boys named Ryan and Shane host the supernatural section. These guys are the “Ghost Hunters”. One a believer, one a skeptic. You will get some laughs but at the same time ‘BuzzFeed Supernatural’ has its serious moments.

Checkout the BuzzFeed Unsolved Network Channel

The Haunted Side

‘The Haunted Side’ is another channel that has a professional production and approach towards hunting the supernatural. Patrick Alan the founder, with his cinematographer Sean, explores some popular locations such as the Silver Queen Hotel and Winchester Mystery House. At the time of writing this, the team is on Season 2, so get over to their channel and start watching. There’s plenty to get through!

Checkout The Haunted Side Channel and support them on Patreon.

The Paranormal Files

The Paranormal Files channel has collected quite a following on YouTube. The team specializes in exploring things paranormal, which includes the supernatural, religious views, cryptids and extraterrestrials. Colin Browen and Payton McWhorter approach the paranormal in an extreme and entertaining way. They aren’t strictly paranormal investigators and do offer other videos such as scary stories, interviews and live webcasts.

Checkout The Paranormal Files and support them on Patreon.

YouTube is an endless video platform so you can understand these are just some of the up and coming ghost hunters.

Do you know of any other popular investigators on YouTube? Please tell us in the comments below these articles and we can add more paranormal teams to this list! Thanks for reading and please share.

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  • CourtneyMroch

    This is another great list! You’re so good at them!

  • David Whiting - The Ghost Attic

    Thank you Courtney!!!

  • mark

    Hi we are a small non profit paranormal team that goto locations to check out if they are haunted or not. I came across your blogs when searching google and noticed you also have an interest in this. We were wondering if you could possibly make a blog about a video or our page, the fan fav is the poltergeist episode. It would be nice to hear your thoughts. If you do not wish to take time to review and blog then just a watch from yourself and gen thoughts would be cool.

    haunted the truth

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