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My Favourite Haunted London Pubs

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My Favourite Haunted London Pubs

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I’ve always been a fan of pubs, especially when I saw photos of the ones in the United Kingdom. There’s just something about them with the old creaky flooring and low-beamed roofs. The cobble stone roads that lead up to the front door and the coziness of the fire burning in the winter times.

There is a lot of history behind each pub.  Most have been around for at the least 100 years. The amount of different kind of people that have stepped foot into these pubs over the many periods of time fascinates me. It has also crossed my mind, are these people still visiting even after their time has passed?


In 2010 I moved to London for 5 years. I was very excited, as I knew there was a lot of exploring to be had. I’m pretty sure one of the first things I did was researching the closest ‘haunted pubs’ in West London. After I had found one, I jumped on the tube and/or double decker and travelled to the location. Below is my favourite haunted London pubs that I visited.

The Grenadier

The Grenadier is found down a small mews type lane in May Fair. Walking up the cobblestone lane to this pub was giving me goose bumps. I was pretty excited as I had seen photos and heard a few stories.


The pub from outside is quant and cozy looking. There are a few old wine or rum barrels that allow you to rest your ale upon.  Steps lead up to a bright red door and the windows above look down on the many visitors that enter.

The first thing you will probably notice when you walk in is all the money pinned and taped to the roof. Apparently these are offerings to the ghosts that maybe roaming the old pub. There are many bank notes from all over the world. Also the pub has many nooks where you can sit to drink your pint and also order a classic pub meal.

Money For The Ghost
Newspaper Articles On Pub Wall

Here’s a ghost story from The Grenadier:

The Haunted Isles website mentions:

“It was once an officer’s mess said to have been frequented by the Duke of Wellington and even George V and it’s during the month of September that the paranormal activity increases. Items are moved, chairs and tables rattled, footsteps and voices heard, cold spots develop, people are pushed and a ghostly figure which vanishes suddenly has been observed.

Cedric, as bar staff and customers have named the ghost, is believed to be the ghost of a soldier caught cheating at cards, beaten by his fellow card players as punishment who subsequently died as a result of his injuries. Due to the increase in ghostly activities during the month if September it is assumed that this is the month he died in.”.

This is such a great pub to sit in on a cozy winters night. Hold your pint close as it may fall off the table!

You can find this pub at: 18 Wilton Row, Belgravia, London SW1X 7NR, UK

The Viaduct Tavern

On Halloween 2015 I meet my girlfriend (now wife) at the train station in London city. She was wearing a long black wig to surprise me and as it was Halloween she fitted right in. We made our way along the darks street until we came to the corner The Viaduct Tavern sat on. It was quite a busy night in that area and the pub was packed. I think majorities of people were there for Halloween, as it’s known as a haunted pub.


As we sat down with a pint we noticed that the pub has a very old interior still. Massive pieces of artwork line the wall and also a huge gold-framed mirror. A lot of people were in groups going into the basement. I was excited about this as I remembered on the TV program Ghost Hunters; there were old jail cells downstairs.

We managed to get one of the bar staff to take us for a personal tour. The cells are situated just past where all the kegs are stored. The room the cells sit in is very small. It looks like cages for cats or dogs. Apparently these are where prisoners were kept. There are small vents you can stare up which you can see from the footpath outside. Prisoners would put their fingers up through the vents in hope people would give them food or money.

Old Jail Cells
The Viaduct Tavern At Night

Here’s a ghost story from The Viaduct Tavern:

The cells would be the most haunted part of the pub apparently. A ghost story found on the Amy’s Crypt blog mentions:

“One ghost story associated with this area is particularly disturbing. It centers on a former landlord who had entered the cellar. His experience was a frightening one, as all of the lights suddenly went out and the door he had entered through slammed shut behind him. Then, whilst he was alone in the dark, he heard a voice whisper into his ear”.

I really suggest going to this pub if you are ever in London town. Ask for a tour of the basement!

You can find this pub at: 126 Newgate St, London EC1A 7AA, UK

The Black Lion

As I am a New Zealander, this pub was known to play the rugby and serve NZ beers, so I was intrigued to go here. The pub is found on the Thames just down the road from Hammersmith, very close to my house.


The pub has a big outdoor area that holds many tables and on good days a table tennis game. Inside has an old wooden bowling set that brings age to the place. The rest of the interior also has an aged but charming look to it. Many old relicts sit on shelving surrounding the walls.  The wooden flooring appears to have hosted many people over a few hundred years.

The Black Lion Interior
The Black Lion / Hammersmith Ghost

Here’s a ghost story from The Black Lion:

I did come here on many occasions, but only until now that I found out it’s haunted. A story I found online mentions:

“After Thomas Millwood was shot in Black Lion Lane, his body was taken to the Black Lion Pub. It is believed that Millwood, or at least the part of him that still exists, is responsible for the hauntings there. He likes to whisper patrons names in their ears, tap them on the shoulder and make loud bangings and footsteps in the rooms above the bar.

One owner believes he had even felt Thomas Millwood walk right through him one evening – a localised, cold breeze chilling him all the way to his bones”.

You can find more about the whole ghost story on The Paranormal Guide blog.

I was down here one night and I have to say it was pretty creepy/cool. The many lanterns that light up the small streets outside the bar really puts a smile on your face. It does take you back in time! Go and have a game of table tennis and a few pints on a sunny day. Stay on to the evening and try to experience the haunting of The Black Lion ghost.

You can find this pub at: 2 S Black Lion Ln, Hammersmith, London W6 9TJ, UK

Thanks for reading my article on My Favourite Haunted London Pubs. Comment below about anything spooky you have experienced or if you have been to these pubs before.
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  • Amy

    Thank you so much for the shout out. I didn’t get a chance to check out some of the other pubs on your list, but some great suggestions for me to visit next time I am in London.

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