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Dogman Illustration from Syfy Channel and Paranormal Witness

Hunted By The Dogman – The Song

By Guest Author

The “Hunted by the Dogman” song came in to existence as an idea in Skullraiser’s mind, influenced by a “true” story he had heard from the youtube channel  DOGMAN Encounters With Jeffrey Nadolny. Here is a paraphrased version of this story so you have a reference to the creative process:

The story starts in Michigan.

A hunter is using the scope attached to his hunting rifle to search for game. One day, he spots a large creature which caught him off guard. A huge animal with a towering stature. It had features of a dog, but stood tall on two legs.

The creature notices the hunter and glares at him menacingly. The hunter, understandable terrified, gathered what he could of his gear, and fled the beast immediately.

On reflection of the event, he contemplated coming back to the same spot. Better prepared, and more heavily armed, he returned to the spot he last saw the creature and scouts the area. He searches as thoroughly as he can through the scope of his gun, but the Dogman is nowhere to be seen.

He returned again the very next day, and examines the wooded area. Seemingly out of nowhere, the Dogman appears in his scope! He fumbles around in an attempt to connect a camera to his gun scope to capture a picture of the beast, but is too panicked to hold a steady hand.

The Dogman hears the scurries, and charges.

The hunter fled as quickly as he could to his car, narrowly escaping the attack from the bipedal beast! Grateful for his life, he drives as fast as he can from the scene.

The next morning, the man awoke to realize just how fortunate he was. His car had been viciously dented and scratched, with force and markings far too great to be a bear attack. He concluded the damage must have been caused by the creature he encountered in the woods. The Dogman.

He took this as a warning to never return to that spot in the woods to attempt to hunt the Dogman, thoroughly fearful for his life. It was a warning which he would strongly heed.

Hunted By The Dogman- Song

Hearing this story, Skullraiser was inspired! He knew he had to turn this event into a piece of music which reflected the fear, tension and panic of the tale. He created an electronic horror piece, which he was happy with, but felt it could also use a few more traditional elements to the song to amplify the emotion.

This is when he teamed up with CrashBangPow, who added some slowly building drums, and electric guitar to the track. All of the elements to the song mixed together create a building anxiety. Replicating the feelings the hunter would have been experiencing on his hunt, until the encounter with the Dogman which is when the song explodes in to a frenzy of crashing cymbals and distorted guitar, accompanied by digital metallic sounds referencing the damage to the hunters car. This is followed by a swift return to calm as the hunter reflects on his experience, having survived the attack, and in the safety of his home.

You can find the “Hunted By The Dogman” song on CrashBangPow’s YouTube channel, and all of Skullraiser’s other songs on his Spotify and Band Camp profiles.

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