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RESIDENCE – Amberley Castle

Location: Amberley, Arundel, United Kingdom BN18 9LT

Small Description: The castle was erected as a 12th-century manor house and fortified in 1377, giving it a rhomboid shaped stonework enclosure with high curtain walls, internal towers in each corner, a hall and a gateway. It was used as a fortress by the bishops of Chichester. The walls, gateway and two of the towers remain as a Grade I listed building and are now in use as a privately owned hotel. All the rooms in the castle have been individually designed to retain its historic character whilst providing the highest standards of luxury and comfort.

amberley castle
Old Knight Armor
Old Knight Armor

Ghost Story: This haunted castles ghost is ‘Emily’, a tragic servant girl who is sensed rather than seen around the Herstmonceux Room. She was seduced by a Bishop who resided in the house. She became pregnant and was then rejected by her lover. This was too much for her and she climbed to the top of the battlements from where she leapt to her death. Her terrifying apparition has been seen my many guests and is supposedly very traumatic to the eyes.

Castle Exterior
Castle Exterior
amberley castle door
Secret Door in the Herstmonceux Room

A man recently visited the castle and stayed in the Herstmonceux Room. That night the friendly manager took him up through the secret door to the roof of the castle and told him a ghost story. The man being a ghost hunter recorded the conversation for later use. Upon listening to the recording that same night, he noticed a girls voice over the top of the manager talking. Being a ghost hunter he knew this kind of evidence didn’t happen on every investigation, but it did at the Amberley Castle. He was told the next day that where they stood talking was the exact location where the girl committed suicide.

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References: Shannon Willitts Falk

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